Monday, February 10, 2014

It's None of Your Business (Yes, it is). / WORKSHOP UPDATE!

Hey kids. We're heading to Santa Barbara on April 12th + 13th for our It's None of Your Business (Yes, it is) WORKSHOP and we're so excited to announce some of the absolutely amazing people that we have speaking, collaborating, designing, etc. We are in such an inspiring industry and we are rearing and ready to share these amazing talents with you. We had a great response to our last workshop and are gearing up for this one - which should be even better than the last few. A couple of things - seats are going fast AND seat ticket prices will be going up in MARCH! Get in while you can at the price we got. You won't regret it. Check out the following amazing vendors that will be there - Angel from Love and Splendor, Anne from The City Sage, Casa De Perrin, Dart DJ's, Mike Radford and Shannon from Cargo Creative. Next up? Announcing the location!

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  1. Awesome lineup of industry experts! It would definitely be a wonderful event! :)