Wednesday, October 17, 2012

party ideas // miniature pumpkin cakes

ahh, fall. the leaves are changing (well, not really in san francisco), pumpkin lattes are back in season, and decorative gourds have taken over the planet. it's the best time of year. it's also a great time to throw a fall-themed party. and we've got just the right treat for you to pumpkin-spice up your event: miniature pumpkin cakes.

here's the how:

bake two 8-inch round butter cakes. we used the recipe from the miette cookbook. if you haven't had any of their desserts, we highly recommend you take a trip to one of their stores. decadent doesn't even begin to describe how delectable their treats are.

while the cake is baking, make cream cheese frosting adding yellow and red food coloring until you get the desired shade of orange.  transfer your frosting into a pastry bag with a 1/2 inch round tip.

once the cakes have cooled, stack the two rounds, adding a thin layer of frosting between them to act as glue. now here's the fun part. take a round cookie cutter and stamp out as many as you can. we ended up with six. then take a paring knife and shave off the top edge and the bottom edge holding the knife at an angle to create an oblong pumpkin shape.

frosting time. we tried a few variations but found that the best way to frost these little cuties was by scalloping up and down or side to side. if you need a refresher on scalloping a cake, take a look at oh happy day's how to guide. essentially, you're going to squeeze out a row of dots and then drag each dot using a palette knife. repeat until entire pumpkin is covered.

for the stem, try adding a green onion, a piece of broccoli, a twig or a flower stem.

done and done! // roxy

images via // roxy taghavian

Thursday, October 11, 2012

autumn // in full bloom

make the best of fall blooms this season by incorporating unexpected varieties of flowers and fruits. think berries, persimmons, pomegranates and dark fruits.  this time of year has so much going on, so get out there and create a vivid arrangement with unique touches. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

diy // upholstery

do you ever get tired of your furniture but can't justify buying a new piece? abandon your chair cover without abandoning your budget with some new upholstery! it's easy; it's fun; it's cheap. i recently reupholstered some chairs with my friend, ariana, and we became experts with a staple gun.

first things first, you'll need to find new fabric. we used a vinyl chartreuse material because ariana has a small child and wanted something that was easy to clean. other goodies i found from 1) duralee fabrics and 2) marimekko.

once you've got your fabric, you'll need some tools: 3) a staple gun and 4) 3/8" staples, 5) foam, and 6) scissors. you might also want a screwdriver to help remove the old staples and a pair of gloves to protect your hands. 

here's the how:

1.  remove the seat from the chair - you might have to take out some screws
2.  flip over and remove old staples, fabric and foam
3.  use the seat as a pattern and cut out new fabric with an additional two inches around the edge
4.  cut foam using the seat to get the right shape
5.  place fresh foam and your fancy new fabric on the seat
6.  fold over one side and fire one or two staples (watch your fingers!)
7.  fold over the opposite side, pull nice and tight, and staple 
8.  now do the other two sides
9.  go around the seat adding staples an inch apart
* our trick for the rounded corners was to staple as close to the corner as possible and then fold the extra fabric over and attempt to smooth out the crease - much easier with two people
10. flip over, put back on the chair and voila! you've got a lovely brand new old chair

i think we're ready to do a couch! // roxy

Friday, October 5, 2012

wedding day // paper goods

that's right folks, from signage to favor tags to wedding day programs we got you covered.  we have taken that leap forward in keeping things cohesive + seamless in our design process.  with the help of our talented graphic gal our team has expanded to create all those must have elements to set your day apart.  with the endless typography out there and the different mixed media you can use to make something fresh and unique is what we are all about.  these are just a few sneak peeks into some of the amazing weddings we were lucky to be part of and design for our sweet bride and grooms.  do you have a favorite??!!

images via // bike, framed sign + program, bouquet + escort cards, escort card + menu + table numberfavor jarshanging escort cards, place card + dinner menu, table number + program, menu on plate.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

// bridesmaid love

bridesmaids: those amazing friends who spend half their summer attending wedding events, who make sure the bride doesn't have lipstick on her teeth, who shake it like mc hammer on the dance floor, who laugh at that weird uncle's jokes, and most importantly, who lovingly support the bride as she stands at the altar on her big day. all you bridesmaids out there, we give you a virtual round of applause. you deserve it. and quite possibly, you also deserve a gift!

not sure what to give your bridesmaids? we've got a few cute ideas.

get your gals a custom engraved necklace from the urban smith.

or perhaps a robe from plum pretty sugar to wear whilst doing their makeup.

still not quite what you had in mind? how about a hair pom from to accessorize that darling bridesmaid dress? 

can you think of any spectacular bridesmaid gifts to add to the list? 
// roxy