Thursday, August 23, 2012

sneak peek // summertime celebration

we are in love all over again with these beautiful images captured by kate harrison... much, much more to come!

images via // kate harrison
blooms via // shotgun floral studio

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

// going bold with gold

gold. that shiny metal used to make bedazzling jewelry. it has been coveted, gazed at and molded into accessories since before 6000 b.c. those egyptians clearly knew a thing or two about style, what with their intricately carved gold adornments and all. we're loving the use of gold in color palettes for fashion and weddings. it can add an ornate look or a glamorous look depending on how you use it. regardless, it adds a shine like no other (well, maybe silver). next time you're trying to spice up an outfit or a room, add a touch of gold. // roxy

images via // cash register, necklace, pillow, cards, geometric ring, cake, stone ring, shoes

Friday, August 17, 2012

// hammer time

last night i took a carpentry class at the workshop in san francisco which added to my DIY bug. At enjoy events co. we hand-craft many design elements for our events, so it's essential that we know how to use a jig saw and a drill. and it makes us feel pretty bad-ass. with the DIY whimsy in full swing, the interwebs are a great resource for learning how make stuff. if you want to step it up a notch from attending The School of YouTube, you might try craftsy or there's always the goddess of DIY herself, miss martha stewart.

in the toolshop class, we made tool boxes from scratch (see photo above). i plan to fill mine with succulents and other colorful flowers draping over the sides - a lovely addition to my porch garden (read: stairwell). 

if you've got DIY fever and are thinking you're going to start parking your car on the street so you can put a work bench in your garage, here are a few essential tools to get you started. 

1.  cordless lithium drill
2.  clamps
3.  jig saw
4.  drill bits
5.  measuring tape
6.  nails and screws
7.  rafter square
8.  hammer

now go! enjoy your weekend and make something! // roxy

images via // roxy taghavian, home depot

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

mad about // color

whether it's a block of wood or clear jars, we love how anything can be spruced up with a little color.   check out the links for a little DIY inspiration the next time you feel like getting crafty.

images via // blocks, forks, jars, blocks

Monday, August 13, 2012

love shoot // nicole + ian

we must admit, we are pretty darn lucky to collaborate with some of the best couples around.  here is a little sneak peek of nicole & ian who are tying the knot this october down in palm springs!

images via // abi q photography

Thursday, August 2, 2012

shotgun floral studio

hello friends!

we have had the most insane three weeks of our journey at eeco but it has all been so amazing.  from planning, design, creating florals and paper goods, we have been working away day and night.  we really do have the best jobs and to be able to collaborate with some amazing couples and other great wedding folks just makes us smile.  we can not wait to share with you some of our past weddings but for now we are thrilled to share a little shoot we put together for glitter guide that is all about summer entertaining.  our good friend delbarr moradi captured it all with such beauty, if we don't say so ourselves.  take a little look into our first shotgun floral studio shoot....

images via // delbarr moradi

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Garlandia //

The word garland often incites images of the holidays, with flowing pine needles at the entrance to a mall or perhaps along your mother’s mantle amongst the stockings. We think that garlands have a much broader use and we’ve been incorporating them into our wedding designs with great joy and liberty. From ribbon garlands to material garlands to flower garlands, they have been hanging out with the bride and groom adding a little something extra to our venues. 

The designs from Confetti System exemplify how varied the category is. Their tassel and material garlands are inspirational. 

This oyster garland from Once Wed is gorgeous and really pushes us to see what one can do by attaching just about anything to a rope and hanging or draping it.

Flower garlands? Yes please. Plain chairs are now pretty chairs. Just perfect for a wedding. Thanks Style Me Pretty.

And we're off to make some lovely ribbon garlands for an upcoming wedding!