Thursday, May 31, 2012

purple crush

purple is one of those colors that can be done in a oh-so-wrong way. purple has had it's time - many, many times over - but it's back in action this season, especially with flowers. we've seen it around, poking it's little head out and making a stand. if used in the right palette, with other muted colors or dark  reds or blues it can be a stunner.  if you've been against the color - which we can admit to from time to time - take another look at it. you may like what you see...

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

mad about {pattern}

we spy bold, bright prints that are pushing the limits in creating some eye catching decor.  the idea of using mixed media throughout your wedding is a win win to us!  showcase a pretty illustration next to your escort card display or add a little pattern to your tabletop with plates or napkins.

take a risk and add a unique backdrop to your ceremony or create a pattern on your table tops with a colorful runner!!  we love the idea of these pattern "coasters" set at your bar.

keep those blah trends out of your wedding and opt for a little patten for your day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

enjoy events co. advice #2: on hiring a photographer

hey folks, this is a big one today. a big and a FUN one. if you are in the process of hiring a photographer or just need some general advice (note: we are not photographers nor do we know an f stop from a stop sign) here is our take on hiring a wedding photographer - and finding one that you love - because we've helped with the process many, many times.

first off, we really want to get into the "why its important to find the best, most artistic, speaks-to-your-heart in-a-singing-lullaby-kinda-way photographer" before we get into some nitty gritty of things you should ask and wonder about.

**you can have the prettiest wedding with the most amazing details but if you don't hire a photographer who sings to your heart like your most special details sing to you, the day will be lost. if you're our client we know you've heard this speech from us before - but it's seriously that important. take it from us, your wedding will go by in a flash. the next day you both will be wondering where it went and how it has become such a blur.

with that being said, there are photographers who can capture important moments and there are photographers who capture MOMENTS - those moments you want to look back on forever. many photographers can snap a photo like your uncle larry (and please don't say you're hiring your uncle unless you uncle happens to be jose villa) but don't you want to look at your wedding images and get teary eyed because the light, the feeling is just that special? don't you want to share them and frame them and have them be artistic pieces of your lives together - in your life? of course you do! that's why you find someone who's work is just that - art. beautiful art that makes your heart sing.

professional wedding photographers are artists - artists of their craft and their work not only reflects talent, timing and ability but it reflects their eye for things that others can't see. you want that.

// tec petaja

the most common questions we're asked:

1. i'm interested in a photographer, what questions should i ask?

how many photographers will be there on my wedding day? how many hours do your packages include? what travel is included, if any? what's your turn around time for images? do you shoot film or digital or both - can you tell me about the process? what are your other clients like?

2. their fee is a bit more than i've budgeted for but i love their work, what should i do?

make room. make room. make room. just like we said before, you will have these lovely images for years and years (and years) to come (it may not feel that way now), you will not have that more expensive flatware you've been eying - so go for it and make room.

3. they live in another city (or state even), is it normal to hire someone who lives that far away?

do you love them? YES. go with it. it's normal.

// our labor of love

we'll leave some of the answers to our questions below to our trusty photo snapping local gal pal abi q photography. we asked some questions, she answered.

eeco 1.  if you could give any advice with regards to choosing a photographer to a prospective client, that you normally wouldn't spill, what would it be?

abiq. ask to see a full wedding, or two. a good photographer will know how to capture the emotion, formals, details and night shots - seamlessly.

eeco 2.  does a photographer's price always correlate with talent/experience?

abiq. yes. although it also has to do with their location and supply and demand as well.

if you're a new photographer and just want photos to put on your website to show you've done weddings you might do 40 weddings in a year and shoot them all for $1000. which means your couples are "getting a deal" but newer photographers have no idea of the costs of running a business, which means by the time they get to your wedding they're burnt out and don't care anymore. or, they have no idea of the flow of a wedding day and are running around stressing YOU out. many times new photographers don't have back up equipment and have never had to turn around weddings in a timely manner. which means you might not be getting your photos for 9 months. If they're contract is legit and they're still in business.

if you're an established photographer you don't need portfolio work. you know what clients fit your style and what clients will be happy with their photos 20 years down the road. if I sense a potential client would be happier with a more traditional photographer, i don't just book them to book a wedding. i refer them to someone i know will fit them better than me, and in the long run that makes a happier bride. i take a limited number of weddings every year to insure each client gets enough attention and emails get answered in a timely manner. i have back up gear for my back up gear and a plan in case anything were to happen to me.

eeco 3.  we feel choosing a photographer is one of the most important decisions when planning a wedding, how would you back up our oh-so-true statement?

abiq. wedding days go by in a blur. in the end you're left with a ring on your finger, a dress in your closet and your love by your side. which is awesome. don't get me wrong. i loved my dress, my ring catches the light just right and my hubs is the only one for me. but my wedding photos. they tell the story of the day we became husband and wife. they show how little my siblings were, the stupid cry face i made walking down the aisle, the happiness in our eyes when we were pronounced man and wife. they capture a moment you'll never have again. you can't put a price on that.

seeeeeee, you can't put a price on that. again, we don't know an f stop from a stop sign but we do know about hiring photographers. hire one that sings to you. one that you love.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

time to relax

we are kicking up our feet today and taking a wee bit of time to relax!  join in on the fun and enjoy your weekend!

image via {vintage shoes}

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

we spy garland

we've been delighted recently to see our little holiday garland getting so much use in this world, and in the most joyful of places - aheeem, that little pumpkin?!  last december we made a holiday card and handmade garland and sent it to some of our favorite folks in the industry.  now, we're seeing the little colorful garland pop up everywhere.  when in doubt, spread a little cheer, right?!

images via // edyta szyszlo photography, one true love vintage rentals instagram, emma + bre's paper shop, bri's desk @ flashdance office, delbarr moradi's instagram

Monday, May 14, 2012

color crush {watermelon}

with summer around the corner we just can't get enough of this sun kissed color concept.  the sweet pink hue mixed with juicy coral and soft orange makes for the perfect summer time color palette.

images via {orange ribbonboxes, pink peonie, table runner, flowers, invite, art work, pops, stripes}

Friday, May 11, 2012

mad about...

get ready folks as we are starting a new series called "mad about".  this is where we will share concepts, trends, colors and just plain old things that we are mad about.  first post to start us off is all about letting loose.  we are all surrounded with to-do lists, tasks, appointments and way too many other things to name that keep us busy, busy little bees but some days you just gotta let loose and escape (even if it's for two minutes) turn up that dial, step away from the computer and today we dance....

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

enjoy events co. advice #1: the perfect venue

today's post is the first in a long line of advice posts that we've been working on over here at eeco. we hope you can get something out of this little guy or know someone who can. choosing a venue for your celebration is not easy, but keeping a few very important things in mind may help with the process.

image via // image

we're going to be totally honest from the get go here because, well, the perfect venue does not exist but you can get pretty darn close. choosing the venue for your celebration is undoubtedly the biggest decision you'll make regarding your wedding. along with venue choice comes the date and a slough of other things that will make your wedding perfect for the both of you...

here is a surefire way to help you in choosing a venue that will be a much better fit (for the both of you) than others.  with your partner, decide from the list below on the top ten things that affect your feelings about a location. after you've chosen ten together, put a number next to each one (between one and ten - one being the least important, ten being the most), each of you, separately. once you've got your numbers, add them together.  the three highest numbers should be the items that you can not waver on when choosing a venue.

location, fee(s), cost per hour, logistical considerations (is it awkward to seat guests, does the ceremony spot make sense?), proximity from hotels, music shut off time, fire/firecracker/sparkler allowance, candles, music allowance/restrictions, parking, a place to get ready, overall ambiance, is the venue a blank canvas (?), venue staff, weddings per weekend, restroom situation, rental extras (tables, chairs, umbrellas, heaters, etc.), ...  

some other things (our top ten) to keep on your radar when going to a venue. go ahead, print this bad boy out and don't forget to get the skinny on each one.

1.  how many other weddings do they have a year, that weekend or even on the same day?

does it seem like this place is pumping out weddings like cable is pumping out bridal shows?  you'll often be overlooked or under appreciated if they have too many to handle (sorry, but it's true). it's best to choose a venue that has a good amount - that means they're preparred and experienced at hosting weddings, but not too many. after all, you're paying a grip load to have your celebration with them.  you deserve to be special. also, have you attended a wedding or seen wedding images through friends of friends that have taken place there? chances are you aren't the first one in your little community to choose this place. you both owe it to yourself to find someplace unique, so keep looking if everyone and their mom has said "i do" there.

2.  how many hours do they alot for your celebration?  do they allow extensions (of hours) and what is the fee for such an extension?

eight hours, ten hours, five hours plus ceremony time and 1,000 bucks for every hour in addition?  when it comes to a venue's hours policy, the more the better. often times brides and grooms forget to think about how long it will actually take for their vendors to set-up, especially if there is likely to be heavy design. weigh out how much it would cost and divide it by the amount of hours you're allowed.  does it add up or make your head spin?

3.  do they have a preferred (or required) vendor list that you must choose from?

this isn't necessarily a bad or a good thing but more of a personal freedom choice thing.  some couples love to scout and find their coolest, most favorite vendors on their own while others want to be hurded in the right direction. a very strict vendor list? be sure to do a little scoping on the fees for their preferred vendors.  if they are all on the super high end, your wedding may end up costing you more than you planned on.

4.  what's the guest parking situation like?

do they allow cars?  how many?  no room at all? that's ok, but you'll have to account for room in the budget for guest transportation if there isn't any. even if there is parking, did you have a difficult time turning around in the driveway or is it poorly lit at night? you may want to consider a valet service if this is the case.

5.  how many bathrooms (lets be many TOILETS) do they have?

this is an important one. you may think that you can get away with fewer toilets than you'd think for your 150 person wedding because aunt sally and your best friend sarah can stand in line for a bit to save a few bucks.  LISTEN.  it's not about the wait line.  it's about the amount of flushes a toilet (especially a private home toilet) can handle per day. the last thing you want is for that to, um, not work.  so, whats the rule of thumb? one toilet per 75 guests, MAX. it's better to err on the safe side when renting more. or, perhaps they are already equipped with enough to handle your guest count. but, don't forget to ask.

6.  do they have a place for you to get ready?

is it a little room? can your bridesmaids fit in there with you? is there power for hairdryers, a full length mirror and enough space to spruce up eight ladies?  again, this is a personal choice but many couples look at it as a bonus if they can get ready on site.  after all, it means you'll already be there.

7.  what is their fee and what other costs might you incur if you choose their venue?

if a venue's fee seems outrages there is often good reasoning behind it (more offered, more hours, more amenities, etc.). sometimes, however, there is not. see what kind of things/hours you get and if they balance out to a location that has a lower fee but you'll have to bring in everything imaginable (toilets, rentals, transportation, etc.). all it takes is a little math and your top options become clear.

8.  how many of their staff members are present on the wedding day?

one, two, six people? again, the more the better, usually. even experienced planners don't know the ins and outs of a particular venue and people who know the property know how to handle things if they're to go drastically wrong.  don't worry, it will all work out.  it can also be a representation of how much they care about the property, their events and ultimately, you.

9.  insurance requirements and policies?

some venues are more strict than others about insurance policies for you and your hired vendors. it can end up costing you a little bit of cash (usually a worthwhile cost) but it can be a little pain in your side (and a good amount of time) to gather all of your vendors requirements and policy agreements (i mean duh, that's what we are here for) in order to meet their requirements.

10. what is the average temperature at the time you're looking at and where will the sun be during your ceremony?

this is often overlooked.  you check out the venue on a nice brisk march afternoon and don't realize that it tends to be 100+ degrees and hot as a mother in september. don't forget to ask. do they have one ceremony spot or a little corner you've been eyeing? check which direction the sun will be falling during that time of year.  if it's directly in your guests eyes their comfort - and yours - will be jeopardized.

we hope this little roadmap to finding the perfect venue helped! it's not an easy choice but you'll now know about the things that you can live with or can't live without, and remember;  the perfect venue does not exist but you can get pretty darn close.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Kinfolk {San Francisco}

last sunday we were all about garland, brown bottle blooms and Kinfolk!!  we love what the folks over at Kinfolk mag are all about and we were pleased to be able to add our little touch to their dinner series while they were in town.  we loved that kinfolk mixed it up and opted for a farmers market style brunch set at heirloom cafe.  creating a simple entryway with eucalyptus garland accented with brown bottle blooms set on a vintage railroad cart, it was a springtime event not to be missed!   

we can't wait to see what the next dinner series brings to the table...

images via {laura dart

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

beauty with a twist

if you follow along with our blog, you know our style is all about the handmade elements with a twist.  we like to think we do things differently around here and put a new spin on trends to make them personalized to each of our couples.   the catch is we aren't always all about those vintage, homespun ideas... sometimes we like things a little more streamlined, clean and elegant.  a dream wedding concept we shared a while back with the collection event studio actually encompasses industrial meets sophistication.

this board is just one of the many that we will be sharing with you all....  we hope they spark a little beauty into your own event.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

perfect floral prints

geeeee...aren't all of these prints eye catching?  we love the colorful bursts in each one and we love incorporating pops of floral prints throughout our celebrations.  think specialty napkins, pillows in the lounge area and patterned garland.  so pretty, right?

images via // image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5, image 6, image 7