Monday, June 25, 2012

enjoy events co. advice #3: two is better than one

well hello there.  we all know the saying, two heads is better than one and we couldn't agree more.

we're a team of two in the wedding industry, and as we say, we like to think we do things differently up here in the bay area.  em, being the natural creative and megs, being the natural planner we come together and create quite the dynamic duo.  not only do we plan your wedding from every logistical stand point but we design it, provide the blooms and provide the paper goods to tie the entire concept together.  that's right, we are a full on, one stop shop.  we're often asked, "how do you both work together, do you split up your clients?", "is one creating everything while the other plans everything?".  to be honest, both us of tackle everything, together.  however, we both have our strengths and we both become the "lead" on some things, but at the end of the day we both create an amazing day, together, for couples.  here are a few things that you may want to know about us - your "planning + designing" dynamic duo...

No. 1 we love what we do and its gonna show at your wedding.

sounds cheesy but it is seriously, sickeningly true.  we get excited putting rental orders together, suggesting perfectly fitting vendors and calming our clients down when they are freaking out about not finding perfect bridesmaids dresses.

No. 2 we've probably done this many, many more times than you have, so we are here to help.

trust in us and the ideas we bring to the table.  the weddings we create are a collaboration between our couples but since this isn't our first time at the rodeo we always suggest things that we know will make the celebration that much better.

No. 3 you probably have a job that keeps you very busy and crazed. this is our job that keeps us busy and crazed.

our team is invested in your day just as much as you are.  from our handmade crafting to late night emails, we are the busy little bees making sure your day is what you've been envisioning.  no need for you to invest your time in searching for vendors, we know the good folks already, so sit back and enjoy.

No. 4 we'll be your friends and your damage control mavens

after spending a year (or more) together of planning your big day, we are your gals!  your friends.  your homies.  we are on the front lines answering all questions from all vendors while you sip on your champagne.  planning your wedding is an intimate experience that we all want to have a good time with.  after all, it is about you and your partner saying your i do's and enjoying the day you've been imagining.

No. 5 this really should be an enjoyable experience for you. 

so sit back and enjoy.  remember, on the big day everything is going to be awesome because you have great vendors involved and they are gonna make it all happen for you.  including us.  we promise.

images via {chairssign, couple}

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