Thursday, July 28, 2011

how to have a happy wedding

Its about time we do a little advice post.  Over the past few months I (Emily here...) have read some reviews/rants written by brides turned industry "professionals" that left me feeling faint and a tad bit disheartened, to say the least - so much so that it sparked this little post, a little post we like to call "how to have a happy wedding."  We can say with complete certainty that we are so blessed with the couples (and their families) that we have worked with and are currently working with.  Every now and again we read something like this, however; and it leaves us wondering...

Let's get one thing straight - when it come to planning your wedding, you want everything to be perfect.  We get that.  Everyone in the industry gets that.  But, there are things that will drastically help your sanity and everyone else's sanity (and you do affect everyone around you from your bridesmaids to your parents and his/her parents and your vendors and the venue coordinator and your seamstress and your boss and your neighbors...aaaand, you get the point) if you just keep these few small things in mind the whole process can be as seamless and as wonderful as you've ever imagined...

1.  "My wedding is probably the biggest party I will ever throw"

We said it and it's true.  There are the occasional few that will throw a bigger one for an anniversary or retirement.  But, up until this point - you will have probably never had a group of people (and loved ones at that) in the same place at the same time.  It's pressure.  It's totally crazy.  And, that's why it's best to put on your "rational hat" and find some people who you can trust, who you know can handle the task at hand - aaaand, who you like and who you can actually hang out with.  Cause - like it or not - you are planning this massive party together.

2.  "The people I am choosing to work with are working with me (95 percent) AND for me (5 percent).  Not one or the other"

Think of the people you are hiring to work with you on your wedding as - an entirety - "the squad."  The wedding squad.  When one man/woman is down the rest fall behind.  If everyone gets to the destination unharmed and unscathed - than you, my friend, have won.  It's absolutely true and we stand by our word on this.  So, think of yourself as the Admiral; you know the end goal and you see it in sight.  You know how to get there and get there safely...and how to give directions and how to bring your team together.   We know this well as planners...BUT, no one has this power like the bride (or groom, or both combined).  Just remember this - the best way to get there is to work with your squad, hand in hand. There is a tad bit of "working for me" - technically, because money is exchanged for services or goods.  But, in NO way, should it ever outweigh "working with me."  You will win (aka: the best wedding you have ever had) on the later.

3.  "Everything is going to be fabulous"

Does that sound so cliche?  Well, that's because it is and it's true.  It will, it will be fabulous.  We promise.  If you have done your homework and hired people who you like/trust (see #1) they are going to try their darnedest to make it awesome.  Have some faith that it will be ok, no one is out to get you.

4.  "I can not get everything I want, but I will try my best to get close - with reason"

Just as in every aspect of life there are rules and regulations.  You can not have everything that you want no matter how hard you try.  We tell people everyday "we are going to try our absolute best to get that for you."  Annnnnd, we really sincerely trrrrry our brains out!  Some examples: you can't bring beer into a ball game (most of the time), you can't smoke in or near buildings in all of California and YOU CAN'T LIGHT SPARKLERS at the mountain wedding, because in September, it's like off the charts fire hazard time!!  Bummer.  We know!  We wish we could have sparklers and candles and fire pits all at the same time.  But, there are rules.  Just as in everything in life.  Even if you are paying for it.  And the person at the venue will not budge 1) because you are the 756th person that has asked them in the last two years and 2) A fire COULD start and your wedding could be the cause.  SO, really.  Places have rules, but remember...if the cons outweigh the pros, just move on...

You will get "the one" and it will be as close to perfect as possible, if not perfect...

5.  "My wedding is about celebrating LOVE"

Need we say more.  We know how easy it is to get caught up in the stress of picking a linen and your glassware and who your 2nd cousin will be sitting next to and how you had wished your invitations were just a slightly different color.  But, aside from the little things that will make your wedding all you have ever dreamed, remember: "why are we celebrating it in the first place?"  Just keep a reminder close by.  "LOVE" - ahhhhhh, that's it.  You both have something special and your journey is only beginning and this big party is the start of it all.

Cheers all!  And, happy planning to you.

Megan + Emily

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

beautiful bouquets

we've been swooning over these budding bouquets for a while.  some of them are being used in mood boards and for shoot inspiration and we absolutely can't wait to see them come to life.  check out more "florals" over at our pinterest board.  you wont be sorry.  don't they all just scream HAPPY?!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

new friend : austin warnock photography

yesterday, we had the immense pleasure of hanging with a talented photographer - austin warnock - and his rad wife rebecca (quite the business duo!) in the rockridge district of oakland/berkeley.  we often find ourselves cruising these parts, eating awesome food, roaming the surrounding neighborhoods and thumbing through the specialty stores aaaand we did that yesterday, but austin took a few photos of us while doing so (eeeeeeeeek - can't wait to share).  they were in from indiana, checking out all that california has to offer and will be continuing their trip this week.  we had a few laughs, some yummy food and drink and schemed up a plan to have them move out west.  needless to say, they are always willing and able to hop on the next plane - and let us tell you, it would be soooooo worth it to have them do so.

three things we learned about austin warnock photography:

1.  he has been on both sides of the camera (*smiley face*) - and it works to his advantage!  

2.  they were on style me pretty - swoon.

3.  all film. nuff said.

all images via the austin warnock website and blog 


Thursday, July 21, 2011

yum. some of our favorite food photos

hey ya'll.  we dare you to look at this post and not get hungry.  here are some of our favorite food images that we find ourselves starring at from time to time.  we have met with a few clients recently where food (presentation, taste and seasonal stability) is their number one priority.  hallelujah.  well then, it seems that we have something in common.  it's the way these images are photographed and the way you can almost taste them without even seeing them in person.  more parts to this favorite food photos coming at cha' hot (later).

now, there is no doubt that we will have some repeat offenders for our favorite food photography.  katie quinn davies of what katie ate knows how to marry the lens with the plate, if you know what we mean.  we find ourselves frequenting her blog and if you don't already, you should too. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

mandela + tim : engagement shoot

mandela and tim are a young + awesome urban couple that we have had the pleasure of working with over the last few months.  we absolutely can not wait for their wedding in a few weeks and are looking forward to a continuing friendship with the both of them.  we did a tad bit of styling for their engagement shoot - shot by the lovely delbarr moradi - at drakes bay family farm (can you say OYSTERS!) in point reyes.  be on the look out for this couple's colorful wedding.  eeeeeps. 

you can see more of this sweetness over at the wedding chicks today. check it! 

all images {delbarr moradi}

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


on this tuesday we are bringing a little beauty + charm into the day, with these stunning images from the talents of jose villa & elizabeth messina.  the simplicity of these photos and the neutral color palate is oh so charming and playful.  we hope they bring inspiration to you and your wedding planning!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

do fall, right

now we know it's not fall yet...not even close.  but, we have a ton of fall weddings this year and often times we hear our clients say, "I want a fall theme with pumpkins and orange know...fall stuff."  well, be careful with this one cause you can do fall wrong (SOOOOO wrong) and you can do fall, right.  you don't want it to turn into a halloween nightmare now do ya?!  pay attention to the real fall colors: sepia, rust, ruby, browns, gold, creams, etc.  there are other fall elements other than pumpkins and leaves as well, so take a peek around.  and don't forget the rustic fall decor to top it all off.

images via {tablescapebridesmaidsshoes + appleleaves, fall bridepumpkin + chairinvites, colored leaves, string of apples}    

Friday, July 15, 2011

venue scoop : foreign cinema sf

there are a few venues that make our hearts go pitter patter - the ones where we see possibilities in the lines of the walls and in the smell of the food that is being prepped for a scrumptious dinner-time meal.  foreign cinema is a gem in sf's mission district - and a place where we frequent for a special dinner or brunch.  it has a natural, quirky, urban feel that is perfect for a couple who's looking for something different (aka - RAD!).  we're gonna say it - if we could work almost every wedding at this special place we would.  we do like our variety - it is the spice of life, after all - but, it's our kinda space.  they have multiple spaces within the building available for parties of various sizes, it's like one right after another - all with a different feel and vibe.  so, if you know anyone getting married here, or if you yourself are considering it - give us a ring.  thanks.  we'll make it fabulous.

we were there during the day when we snapped these pics...but, when evening falls they project a giant film on the outside wall.  it's pure magic.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

sneak peek : mandela + tim engagement session

we are so over the moon excited for this couples wedding at the end of july.  we did a tad bit of prop supply and styling for their engagement shoot captured by the talented delbarr moradi (both images below) and here is a little peek to prove it.   we can't wait to share the entire e-shoot with you along with images from their soon-to-be colorful wedding...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

new friend : caroline of tinywater

believe it or not, last week was the first time we actually got to meet caroline of tinywater.  she lives up to hype to say the least!  ha!  we have always been admirers of her unique and effortless approach to capturing images.  today, we just want to give a little shout out to her.  some of her stunning images are below.  we cant wait for future events (maybe a shoot here and there) and keeping in touch.  cheers!

 all images via the tinywater blog, visit it for some amazing image inspiration...

Friday, July 8, 2011

we are loving : watercolor

watercolor is one of those things that makes us smile from ear to ear.  we have been seeing more and more of it on invitations, paper goods and signage and we hope the trend is here to stay.  happy friday all.

images via {blue curls, poppiesrainbow patternyellow flowersfresh displayi'm so happy todayblue teardrops, rhododendronque est votre signe,}