Thursday, June 30, 2011

DIY : tissue paper bunting flags

Paper Tissue Bunting Flags.


1.  scissors
2.  this yarn or string
3.  pencil
4.  ruler
5.  tape runner or double sided tape 
6.  tissue paper, varying colors
7.  card stock triangle


Cut out a triangle from thick card stock (leaving a flat flap on the top portion for when it gets folded over) 

1.  overlap the edges of the tissue paper and trace a few triangles with your pencil
2.  cut out the triangles of tissue paper and cut the yarn or string to desired length and lay across the table 
3.  with your tape runner (we LOVE therm-o-web from Papersource!), gently run the tape across the top-edged piece of tissue paper
4.  line up a few triangles and press the yarn/string against the tape
5.  fold the extra edged piece over on top of the string/yarn and press 
6.  repeat and VOILA!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

big barn bash

do you remember this little inspiration board we put together for a barn party we were working on few months ago?  well, here are the images - captured by the amazing mr. scott andrew - of the details that we threw together for this barn bashing, bourbon drinking, beer slinging, pie eating shin-dig.  we were thrilled to design this barn bash for our friend emarie (on of the lovely ladies behind the collection event studio) and her hubby's combined 30th birthdays.  we love ourselves a fun birthday and we jumped at the opportunity to let this party and event maven have an evening to sit back, relax and celebrate with her family and friends.  while we very much enjoyed ourselves, we couldn't have been happier with the response that we heard from the hostess herself - "that may have been more fun than our wedding."  aaaaaaaaand, that's why people hire us thank you very much.  pop on over to our sister blog forget me knot weddings to see lots more bourbon toasting fun.

images via {scott andrew studio}
venue {the farm on putah creek, winters, ca}
event + floral design {enjoy events co.}
linens {La Tavola Fine Linen}
catering {buckhorn catering}
live band {hardwater}
dj {dj sol}
cake {inticing creations}
dessert bar {emarie's fabulous mother-in-law & aunt-in-law}

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

fashion forward

with summer here we are in the mood for bold colors, forward fashion thinking and all over inspiration that has, that pop of fun!

images via {image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5, image 6}

Monday, June 27, 2011

the collection event studio: sneak peek

we are over at lovely the collection event studio today.  come by and get a sneak peek into megan's home and where all the blogging and crafting happens....

images via {scott andrew studio}

Thursday, June 23, 2011

DIY : neon pinwheels

hey, hey there.  we have some diy neon pinwheel action going on over here that we thought we would share with you all today.  you can use any color really (we love neon at the moment).  so have at it, it's not that bad. 



1. big pieces of paper (non patterned is easier to line up)
2. scissors
3. kitchen plate (a few different sizes)
4. pencil 
5. tape runner or double sided tape
6. hot glue gun
7. buttons or old round clip-on earrings (anything small, round and funky!)


1.  take the plate and trace a large circle on your paper (you need two circles to make one pinwheel)
2.  cut out the traced circle(s) and fold them in half
3.  cut the pieces into half circles and fold again into quarters
4.  cut a small incision into the divide of the quartered circle
5.  start folding each half like a fan, with even folds
6.  take three or four folded halves and match up the folds 
7.  with the tape runner, glue the folds, match them up and rub together so they are adhered 
8.  continue to use the tape runner until the last part of the circle is taped together and complete 
9.  with your glue gun, glue the back of a button and attach to the center of the pinwheel 
10. VOILA!   

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

summer is here

aren't these images stunning?  summer is here which means its pool-dipping, popsicle eating wedding season madness!  we are patiently waiting for a bride and groom to come along who want to have a ceremony backdrop like the one on the right.  that would be awesome.   cheers and stay cool folks! 

images via {image 1, image 2}