Tuesday, December 13, 2011

vessel gallery: oaklands hidden gem

its no secret that oakland's first friday art murmer is becoming a regular gathering for residents and non residents in the busy downtown art district.  on our last visit we ran into vessel, a stand out gallery on busy 25th street.  the structure is absolutely breathtaking.  two floors, slanted white walls, natural wood flooring, attractive built in lighting and an urban outdoor rooftop deck...and just about all the space you'd need to house up to 300 standing guests.  really?  from vessel...

"vessel is a unique and historic space, one of oakland’s very few standing turn-of-the-century horse stables. the gallery has been remodeled into an arts complex that combines unparalleled charm, character, and modern rustic architectural experimentation.

for your next event, rent our beautiful two-story space, located in downtown oakland’s arts district. our charming gallery has spacious accommodations, an urban rooftop garden, and a street level gallery space for more intimate gatherings. perfect for receptions, concerts, lectures, book signings or any rites of passage."

a totally amazing space.  not even kidding about this one.

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  1. Cool space. Would be great for events. Caryl from ROAR events group.