Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a little of this, a little of that

we know, we know.  it's been busy as heck around here.  not busy enough to step away from wedding madness to take a day or two to style new images that will be a part of dauphine press' new website + material.  did we mention that they are the sweetest people ever and that they have super high quality + gorgeous invitations and paper goods? well, they do.  furniture was also provided by the one and only one true love vintage rentals. here is a little peek, by the uber talented nicole gerulat (did we say UBER. yes.) of some of the florals we whipped together for the bridal suite portion of the shoot.

images // nicole gerulat

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  1. ladies you're so talented. so pretty. can i have one of each please! i hope we get the opportunity to work with you ladies one day :)