Thursday, June 30, 2011

DIY : tissue paper bunting flags

Paper Tissue Bunting Flags.


1.  scissors
2.  this yarn or string
3.  pencil
4.  ruler
5.  tape runner or double sided tape 
6.  tissue paper, varying colors
7.  card stock triangle


Cut out a triangle from thick card stock (leaving a flat flap on the top portion for when it gets folded over) 

1.  overlap the edges of the tissue paper and trace a few triangles with your pencil
2.  cut out the triangles of tissue paper and cut the yarn or string to desired length and lay across the table 
3.  with your tape runner (we LOVE therm-o-web from Papersource!), gently run the tape across the top-edged piece of tissue paper
4.  line up a few triangles and press the yarn/string against the tape
5.  fold the extra edged piece over on top of the string/yarn and press 
6.  repeat and VOILA!

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